Seattle Maintenance Solutions - Extremely poor quality of work for yard maintenance

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This company over-promised and under-bid on a contract for yard maintenance by our homeowners group.However, no one was forcing them to bid so low, so I'm not sympathetic.

As a result, they rushed through as much as they possibly could over the past year, delivering consistently substandard work. Simple regular services like mowing the lawn and trimming were done so poorly at times (obvious strips and sections missed) that it required a call to a supervisor. More complex services (like lawn aeration) were done with less than one third coverage. During the winter pruning, they came in and marked 7 trees/shrubs that needed pruning in my back yard with flagging tape.

A week later, they pruned 2 of them and simply cut the flagging tape off the other five. Emails and phone calls are rarely returned. I can tell you without hesitation that I saw no evidence over the course of the entire year that this company was capable of taking care of my property with any sense quality or pride in their work. On my property, I never saw any evidence of attention to detail, even with such basic things as mowing in even rows.

I know we got a great price and I was willing to cut them some slack for that, but week after week it was hard to see the value even with such a discount. I never once said to myself "They did a great job today." with anything. Unfortunately, with my experience there is not a single thing I can recommend about them, and that is really sad. Obviously they made a mistake bidding and were trying to find any way to cut costs.

That's not to say they will make the same mistake with you if you hire them, but I would advise you to be crystal clear in your contract about the quality you expect, with an option to cancel your contract without penalty if quality and service concerns are not responded to and resolved with consistency going forward. This isn't the kind of company that should be paid everything in advance. Make them earn it the old fashioned way based on the work they actually do. Don't give them 3 chances to get it right.

If you work with them, give them one chance to do it right, or get out.

Everything they do must be checked and monitored.Good luck.

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Seattle Maintenance Solutions - They refuse to refund $1000 deposit

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BEWARE.I am a credible local business person who has never posted a bad review on any site about anyone, but these people are crooks.

Do a lot of research before doing business with them. They took a deposit of $1000 on a job, never follow up, never call back, never supplied the "1 year of yard maint". When i asked (many times) for them to simply cancel and refund the money, they refused. They offered to let me out of the "agreement" and not charge me an additional fee for doing so.

What world do these people live in? This is a fully documented case. Even their attorney is evasive, due to his financial interest in the company.

This is absolutely not the only review of its kind on them.Just look around, you'll find the others.

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My name is Adam Smith, with Seattle Maintenance Solutions. I would like to take this opportunity to respond to this grievance. Please know that while I am currently unable to verify the validity of this grievance, We at Seattle Maintenance Solutions are interested in providing only top of the line customer service. It is in this spirit, that I would ask you to call 425-776-8448 during normal business hours, and reference this complaint so that we can take the steps necessary to make certain that it is resolved. You may be assured that should you call during these hours that your grievance will be addressed.




This customer signed an agreement for us to build him a retaining wall.He gave us an initial payment of $1000.

We required 1/3 down (which this was less than) in order to start work. We took critical measurements, drew up plans, purchased materials and scheduled the job. When it came time to start the work, we asked to collect the remainder of the 1/3 down. The customer said his financial situation had changed, and he wanted a refund.

At this point we already spent more than his initial payment on the job! Like most contracts, this one had a breach of contract clause. In this case, he owed us for the remainder of the materials we purchased, never mind all the time invested. We chose to eat the loss and waive the remaining cost out of courtesy.

At this point the customer threatened to come to our office with a gun and shoot our employees! (This is documented with the Sheriff.) We strive to provide low prices and high quality work.

Do your homework, our website and reviews say it all.:eek

Seattle Maintenance Solutions is amazing! They Are Great! Use Them!

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I had Seattle Maintenance Solutions re-do my entire landscape.They installed new grass, a sprinkler system, and new plants and bushes.

My home looks like a park. I just love being outside. I feel like the work they did gave me a new lease on life. I can now enjoy my yard with my grandchildren and I love it!

Seattle Maintenance Solutions is the best choice I have ever made! They also come out every other week and mow, ***, prune, and take away the clippings. They are SO wonderful.

They have made me a happy woman!Please Choose this Wonderful company!

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